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Share your bad eBay buyer list with other sellers. Ebay said so far in 2023, it had suspended 54,000 buyer accounts that were in breach of eBay policy, and had protected the seller performance ratings of over 60,000 sellers. 
You can use 'Export to text file' and add this bad buyers to 'Blocked Bidder List' on your Ebay account
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No eBay Buyer ID Ebay Buyer Country Problem/Buyer Created Case Ebay Seller ID Create/Update Record Time
1 kyko_6804 USA Buyer misused returns 73***79 10 Dec 2023, 05:21
Sell Item to this Buyer:
Pokemon figures

Buyer returned two items because they failed to see the listing pictures or read the title/description and thought they were bigger. Also, this return has costed me TWO labels instead of one!

2 judhounsu_0 United Kingdom Paypal Case - credit card chargeback f8***1b 08 Dec 2023, 22:24
Sell Item to this Buyer:
Unique Digital Discount Code

Buyer purchased a digitally delivered item - item was sent via ebays message system - they then did a bank chargeback they purchased 2 auctions and did it for both!

3 larrhick36 USA Buyer misused returns c8***56 08 Dec 2023, 18:04
Sell Item to this Buyer:

Buyer opened false item not as described return

4 gabyes62 France Ebay Case - not received item by Post c1***97 29 Nov 2023, 15:24
Sell Item to this Buyer:

Even though the tracking number confirmed receipt, the buyer claimed not to have received the item and filed a refund request, and eBay issued a refund to the buyer. Traking Number: RS608283485JP

5 rayg-93 USA Ebay Case - not received item by Post 73***79 29 Nov 2023, 01:57
Sell Item to this Buyer:
Plush mascot

Buyer opened case instead of messaging me first about this. Never responded to my reply and asked eBay to step in instead of giving me a chance to work out the issue. Unreasonable and difficult to work with.

6 giordiver USA Buyer misused returns 5f***ff 29 Nov 2023, 01:30
Sell Item to this Buyer:
New INGERSOLL RAND 39301981 Transformer OEM Replacement Part

Buyer opened a return request because of defective item. The return item is abused, scratched, bent, and damaged with broken pieces. We tested it and it worked fine.
When we asked him about the damage, why not report it when receiving. He replied it arrived damaged and was ok with him. ummm ????
For a return request because of defect, a refund of full payment must be issued. eBay has an option to report a buyer. We did not bother it as eBay sides with buyers 100%. any way.
We saved the messages and just moved on.

7 mrfsce USA Nightmare Buyer 44***c5 25 Nov 2023, 20:57
Sell Item to this Buyer:
Replica German WW II Knife

The buyer bought a $5 knife and wasn't happy with it. He stated that it was not the same as the "real" knife that he owned. Of course it wasn't.
He did not contact me about it and didn't ask for a refund. He just left negative feedback.

8 chitowngirlandguy USA Ebay Case - not received item by Post 44***c5 25 Nov 2023, 20:52
Sell Item to this Buyer:
Plush Grogu

The buyers ordered an item and had it shipped to a vacation rental. The item did arrive but they claimed it did not. They left negative feedback and opened a case which they lost.
I'm reasonable and if they would have contacted me I would have tried to work with them but they are "chit" as the name suggests.
They don't have many feedbacks as buyers (11).
Negative feedback equals BLOCKED.

9 micboud5241 USA Buyer left bad Feedback 44***c5 25 Nov 2023, 20:44
Sell Item to this Buyer:
Star Wars toy Yoda

Buyer claimed the item was not as described. Offered a refund and they could keep the item. Instead they decided to leave negative feedback. Additionally the buyer sent abusive and threatening messages. Reported to eBay, but per usual nothing was done and the feedback was not removed even though the buyer lied.

10 newline23 United Kingdom Buyer left bad Feedback cc***1e 22 Nov 2023, 11:48
Sell Item to this Buyer:
Hard drive

Negative feedback extortion to bypass eBay return policy

11 ayrcrack Spain Ebay Case - not received item by Post 24***a5 21 Nov 2023, 23:53
Sell Item to this Buyer:

The tracking show the parcel is under custom clearance. This buyer still dispute for full refund. Ebay give him back money and later he get the parcel for free!!!!

12 sheilawizz United Kingdom Nightmare Buyer 09***4a 21 Nov 2023, 12:47
Sell Item to this Buyer:
atari 2600 power socket

Item claimed lost in post, demanded refund and left negative feed back.

13 anne3612 USA Other 73***79 19 Nov 2023, 04:20
Sell Item to this Buyer:
Pokemon figure

Asked to cancel HOURS after ordering and after I already packed it. Block and avoid!

14 nberry30635 USA Paypal Case - credit card chargeback 55***c7 04 Nov 2023, 15:02
Sell Item to this Buyer:

Buyer ordered a vintage camera lens from me, which was confirmed delivered safely. Three weeks later, opened a chargeback, claiming "didn't recognize transaction." Looking at buyer's feedback history, he has bought literally -hundreds- of items in the EXACT same category going back several years, so a claim that he didn't buy this particular item at this time strains credulity, especially when HE HAS IT IN HIS POSSESSION. Believe he is initiating false chargebacks in order to get free items.

15 leider41 USA Buyer misused returns 91***99 26 Oct 2023, 18:46
Sell Item to this Buyer:

This buyer is an experienced seller and therefore should know better. He leaves negative feedback on almost all of his purchases. The title of my item sold to him clearly stated the dimensions, but because one of the pictures displayed the cover of a roll of Velcro, he thinks he should have received a complete roll worth $150 for the $16 he spent. So he obviously knows how to lie and get a free return with the money back guarantee and cost me both ways in shipping. He will be only partially refunded for 50%.

16 psooy428 USA Nightmare Buyer 32***7f 23 Oct 2023, 18:35
Sell Item to this Buyer:
wall light

The buyer submitted a return, claiming the item was damaged, but submitted a picture of a perfect item. They asked the buyer to upload a photo of the damaged product and we would immediately issue a full refund, but the buyer immediately left a negative review, claiming that the seller refused to accept returns.
Since then, we have left multiple messages to the buyer, telling him that as long as he provides photos of the damaged goods, we will immediately issue a full refund.
This buyer provided information similar to this in a text format with a filename of ****.jpg, and then claimed to have provided the photo.

17 johapersso8 USA Buyer misused returns 57***e1 23 Oct 2023, 18:29
Sell Item to this Buyer:
Fine Watch

The buyer purchased a $500+ swiss automatic watch, brand new and fully functional, tested prior shipping. Opened a return request claiming the watch is not working and defective.
We received a broken watch back and our watchmaker concluded is has been damaged by the buyer or even more likely, some parts of the movement were replaced.
Since they claimed via email that"he has another one" its almost certain he replaced parts of the movement with defective ones.

18 dozybook United Kingdom Buyer misused returns 3a***1e 20 Oct 2023, 15:40
Sell Item to this Buyer:

Brand new sealed item sent.
Returned as faulty. (I tested and is fully working.)
Damaged badly and missing parts.
Deducted small fee from his refund - he disputed and lied to ebay stating he had not damaged. I have video footage + photos of item damaged return.

19 nimikr-9 USA Buyer left bad Feedback ec***09 18 Oct 2023, 10:34
Sell Item to this Buyer:

no problem to accept return and refund buyer, but got nasty feedback

20 dan30oly USA Nightmare Buyer 64***57 16 Oct 2023, 19:59
Sell Item to this Buyer:

Doesn't appreciate of providing a good customer service. When I was just confirming things with him especially returns and packaging of his purchase. He's get all defensive saying "I'm not agreeing to anything outside of the eBay terms agreements." Then I pointed out that what I was doing is within eBay terms of agreement. Also, telling him that I'm just trying to provide good customer service by providing a courtesy beneficial for a buyer as well as me as a seller to ensure mutual agreement on the packaging for shipping. His response: "I don't really need this item or your condescending attitude." Wished I could cancel his transactions but eBay would still able problematic buyer like him to still leave a feedback. I'm confident he would leave a negative feedback. Don't waste your time on this guy. Not worth doing business with.

21 nishikandeshmuk-0 USA Other da***7f 11 Oct 2023, 19:59
Sell Item to this Buyer:
Computer Tech

Buyer has below average intelligence that will cost a seller time, money, and return hassles. Read my item description, read the posting title, look at the pictures. You ordered qty 16 of 2GB memory. You received this. Crystal clear description. You wanted qty 2 of 16GB memory; now I have to deal with your return or forfeit the item. Unwanted buyer.

22 kenne-63 USA Buyer left bad Feedback 25***49 08 Oct 2023, 21:08
Sell Item to this Buyer:

Buyer claimed a defective item but refused to return order for a full refund. Buyer just left a retaliation negative feedback full of lies. Apparently thought I was immediately going to issue a refund or send him a replacement on his word alone. EBay reps refused to even consider removing the feedback. New sellers planning to use eBay beware of the new useless eBay feedback policy harmful to your sales and reputation.

23 baysidewatchdealers USA Buyer Not Paid For Item 55***c7 08 Oct 2023, 13:43
Sell Item to this Buyer:
Bulk lot camera lenses

Buyer won auction, never remitted payment.

24 stephanischer2 USA Buyer misused returns a5***1f 05 Oct 2023, 15:44
Sell Item to this Buyer:
Sold a pair of Dana Buchman Womens Boot Jeans Size 8/29

Jeans are a size 8/29. Buyer broke the zipper trying on the jeans because she was too big. The photos she sent clearly show her stomach and pelvis bulging over and out of the pants.

25 hypercrozier USA Ebay Case - other reason 55***c7 03 Oct 2023, 00:33
Sell Item to this Buyer:
Bulk camera lot

Buyer reneged on/retracted bid, claiming "wrong amount, " despite it being the MINIMUM, OPENING BID.

26 remember*this USA Buyer Not Paid For Item 55***c7 01 Oct 2023, 15:53
Sell Item to this Buyer:
Camera lens lot

Buyer dishonestly retracted bids by selecting "bid wrong amount, " then didn't rebid correct amount.

27 meta.re_68 Japan Buyer left bad Feedback 55***c7 14 Sep 2023, 13:29
Sell Item to this Buyer:
Camera Lens

I am located in USA, buyer in Japan. Purchased item (camera lens) was apparently damaged in transit via eBay's International Shipping Program, either by eBay themselves or during customs inspection, despite being very well-packed in bubble wrap and packing peanuts. Photos taken immediately before packing show -zero- damage. Upon receipt, buyer immediately opened a return (I automatically accept returns on all items) and left negative feedback, with slanderous comments regarding my product descriptions/inspection. This is on an account that I haven't received a negative feedback in 8 years on with 10s of thousands of sales. Looking at buyer's other feedback left, they apparently are a a reputation arsonist who immediately will leave negative feedback for even the smallest hiccup.

28 emeruwu USA Ebay Case - not received item by Post 74***08 12 Sep 2023, 15:07
Sell Item to this Buyer:
Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max 256 Unlocked

Item was shipped but once it landed in the buyers local post office it mysteriously vanished and buyer immediately opened a dispute for a refund without ever contacting me. Item was never delivered so I had to refund buyer in full. Buyer is a freight forwardiing company. Now weather or not this buyer had something to do with the item going missing, this type of thing happens way too much with these companies and i want it to go on record that this address and buyer are unsafe to do business so Beware! The full address is as follows because they most likely have numerous accounts on ebay. Emerson Garcia SAP5965CY
8501 NW 17TH ST STE 120
doral, FL 33126-1001
United States
+1 305-594-9378

29 rashan5688 USA Buyer Not Paid For Item 55***c7 11 Sep 2023, 14:16
Sell Item to this Buyer:
Lot of multiple camera lenses.

Buyer never paid for item despite multiple invoices

30 parts-36 USA Buyer misused returns ec***09 25 Aug 2023, 20:27
Sell Item to this Buyer:

Removed the essential part, then return.

31 amalucado Portugal Other 1b***c9 24 Aug 2023, 11:45
Sell Item to this Buyer:

Placed bid then retracted for the false claim of description being edited, when description had not been edited at all.

32 gfunkc United States Minor Outlying Islands Buyer misused returns 4f***67 21 Aug 2023, 21:40
Sell Item to this Buyer:
dacor 12470, 72148 Oven Door Window Assembly

Buyer Garrett Cameron is the owner of Jaffrey Appliance Repair, he scammed me with over $200.00.

33 ecindy23 USA Ebay Case - other reason bd***26 15 Aug 2023, 06:53
Sell Item to this Buyer:
Fi (Series 2) GPS Tracker Smart Dog Collar (Large Size)

I sent numerous messages offering tips on why the device wasn't pairing as well as asked if they had signed up for a subscription service or even contacted Fi support. This buyer never responded. Next, the buyer attempted to try to get this item refunded by presenting a pic of a bunch of packing boxes, not even remotely connected to a reason why the device wasn't pairing. Due to this, I was not able to access funds for selling this item for over a month. I tested this item several times before it was sent to the buyer (it worked) as well as carefully packed it for the buyer. The buyer never returned the item within the allocated period because they wanted to keep item while thinking they would also receive a refund from Ebay or the seller. They are now retaliating with a negative review due to not being able to get away with this. Additionally, the buyer stated in the review I offered a $5 refund. I only did this because I was under the mistaken belied that offering a refund was the only way to escalate the case. The buyer is now twisting this to imply I was admitting fault. This buyer deserves zero refund. I believe this buyer is claiming it did not pair for several potential reasons listed below. They could be due to one or most likely a combination of all three. The utmost important reason is the first. 1) They thought ebay would let them keep the item as well as get a refund by falsely claiming the item did not work. They again provided zero evidence that this item did not pair nor did they respond to any of my messages attempting to assist them. 2) They did not want to pay for a subscription, which was clearly stated on my item posting was needed. 3) They did not have a working wireless router in order for it to pair properly. I strongly believe this buyer should be removed from Ebay and be unable to buy again in the future to prevent future such attempts towards sellers.

34 rivervalleylandscapingservice2012 USA Nightmare Buyer 32***7f 08 Aug 2023, 17:58
Sell Item to this Buyer:
Kira Home Sutton 13" 2-Light Modern Flush Mount Ceiling Light

FedEx delayed deliveries due to weather, buyers made false negative reviews and demanded private refunds after that, and started threatening sellers after buyers asked him to file a return on Ebay.

35 bobofett1980 Chile Ebay Case - other reason b8***de 07 Aug 2023, 00:33
Sell Item to this Buyer:
Archon for Atari 400/800/1200/XL Electronic Arts 5 1/4" Floppy, Manuals CIB

eBay member bobofett1980 with account location in Chile bid on auction item 256143081480 located in USA and won.
Buyer bobofett1980 delayed payment for 2 days. When bobofett1980 paid for the item auction the eBay Order detail showed bobofett1980 chose Buyer's Selected Shipping Service as "Local Pickup". eBay Order details also showed bobofett1980's eBay account Buyer information "julio f cordova". Account name did not have obvious relation to buyer's designated a shipping address "Matthew Seaver , 338 dana hill rd , New Hampton , NH , 03256-4521 , United States , 945926835". bobofett1980's eBay account information provided contact Phone "945926835" is not a valid United States phone number. bobofett1980's provided shipping contact Phone "60396836486" is not a valid United States phone number. bobofett1980's Shipping address is 3,414 miles away from Local Pickup. When queried about how the the Buyer bobofett1980 was going to make his chose eBay Local Pickup for the item the buyer admitted he could not do so because he was not in the area. bobofett1980 also stated would not be in the area for the next 10 days. Buyer bobofett1980 attempted to have Uber make an eBay Local Pickup without ability for the Uber Driver to verify item pick that is required to occur using an eBay Local Pickup code (a QR code and a 6 digit code) for verification. Buyer bobofett1980's asked for item to be until he was in a nearby town of "Berkeley" (Berkeley, CA, USA) is 26 miles from Local Pickup. I agreed and held bobofett1980's item until the time the buyer would be able travel from Berkeley, CA to Pacifica CA for the eBay Local Pickup. After bobofett1980's specified return date he did not respond to many requests to meet up. Also offered bobofett1980 was an option for USPS delivery to a valid USA address. Buyer bobofett1980 decided to not respond to any messages. Instead Buyer bobofett1980 opened an eBay Case 15 days after the listing ended making the false claim the Seller was refusing to deliver the Buyer's item purchase. Buyer bobofett1980 never paid for delivery by choosing Local Pickup. And Local Pickup was never made because Buyer bobofett1980 refused to provide a meetup date and time. In the eBay Case Buyer bobofett1980 once again tried to use Uber make an eBay Local Pickup without ability for the Uber Driver to verify item pick that is required to occur using an eBay Local Pickup code (a QR code and a 6 digit code) for verification. But buyer bobofett1980 backed out of Local Pickup when I remined him of the requirement to verify item pickup using eBay Local Pickup code (a QR code and a 6 digit code) claiming he could not provide the code during pickup. Buyer bobofett1980 then wanted to cancel the Order claiming seller dishonesty. But really bobofett1980 wanted to cancel the Order because he could not commit an eBay member Rules violation by making an unverified real property transfer for item purchase. I ended the eBay Case by cancelling the order and refunding item payment. In then end if I had allowed an unverified eBay Local Pickup of the item Buyer bobofett1980 would probably have tried to tell eBay he never received the item even after pickup. All during the order eBay member bobofett1980 looks to have been attempting to swindle the seller during the sale while also lying to eBay Customer Support about delivery. Protect your eBay Seller account by AVOIDING AND BLOCKING EBAY MEMBER "bobofett1980"!
If bobofett1980 has made a bid on your item then cancel it.
If bobofett1980 had made a purchase you have not yet delivered then cancel the eBay Order.

36 dgt9b-20 USA Buyer Not Paid For Item 92***e1 02 Aug 2023, 16:30
Sell Item to this Buyer:
Motorcycle Part

German Gonzalez
8732 Cerrito Canyon Rd
Las Vegas NV 89148-1378
The above deadbeat had a offer accepted on our item. After multiple invoices sent no communication and no payment, time waster.

37 joar-355130 USA Ebay Case - other reason 41***53 21 Jul 2023, 01:24
Sell Item to this Buyer:
Berenguer Baby Doll Life Like Sleeping Baby Doll 20"

I was selling a doll for $18.95 used in good condition. The buyer asked in messages to reduce the price of this doll for her, first by $7, then by $5. I lowered the price by $4 specifically for her. After the purchase, she received the doll 3 days later and immediately began demanding a partial refund of another 50% ($7.50) off $14.95. At first he wrote that he was afraid of a thread on his leg, but this thread was clearly visible in my pictures. Then he wrote that the leg is a little relaxed and it scares him, but this is normal for a doll with a cloth body and the leg is well fixed to the body by the manufacturer of the toy. Despite the fact that the doll has no defects, I was ready to provide a partial refund of $ 5. The buyer wants a full refund, but the toy is in good condition with no defects. In messages, he sent a picture of defect only a thread that was in my pictures with a doll.

38 amikhatc_0 USA Buyer misused returns 69***84 17 Jul 2023, 03:40
Sell Item to this Buyer:
Sold working graphics card

Claimed item wasn't as described to get around no refunds policy. Demanded partial refund claiming had to take it to a repair shop.

39 snakath_hjqgi USA Buyer misused returns 8d***9c 16 Jul 2023, 21:46
Sell Item to this Buyer:

We have nice images for all the dice we sell and this person simply buys and returns. Made a large purchase and returned every one. And since ebay auto approved the returns, there is nothing we can do about it. Only comments we get back from buyer is, "just didn't like them". Look at the frecking images first then for pete's sake. That's why we invent time in have those images taken and place with each inventory item. I can understand a return from time to time, but every one "just didn't like" Don't wait your money and time with this person.

40 uptime6969 USA Buyer misused returns ec***09 13 Jul 2023, 23:59
Sell Item to this Buyer:
Electric part

Bought a working unit, swapped parts then claim not working and return.

41 marykatsquillaciott_0 USA Buyer Not Paid For Item 73***79 10 Jul 2023, 00:42
Sell Item to this Buyer:
Pokemon figure

Won't need to wait until eBay auto-cancels to know that this is yet another deadbeat buyer.

42 shumail1982 USA Nightmare Buyer 45***0c 09 Jul 2023, 19:33
Sell Item to this Buyer:
GE LED Indoor Flood BR30 20-pack Soft White 5000K

Buyer claimed that I sent him a totally different product, one that I have never even sold before, then returned me a pair of socks with rocks stuffed in them. eBay sided with buyer. Stole $110 + $40 shipping from me. I filed police reports, postal inspector, and contacted his local post office about it.

43 redteasky USA Buyer left bad Feedback f6***f1 07 Jul 2023, 17:01
Sell Item to this Buyer:

This buyer abused it's power of leaving negative FB. After not liking the product, I told the buyer immediately that return and refund is no problem and I will pay for return shipping. The buyer waited over a month instead and left negative FB. That's not a good way to handle it. could be solved in a peaceful way without all the hassle.

44 shah_9727 USA Buyer misused returns 5e***71 22 Jun 2023, 22:02
Sell Item to this Buyer:
Apple Macbook

Buyer purchased brand new Macbook and immediately opened a return as defective. Buyer manipulated the return label to show a PO Box within our city and placed the label on a throw away piece of mail like an advertisement. Label was scanned as delivered to a PO box even though the return address was not a PO box. Buyer got the Macbook and Ebay forced refund even though the evidence was presented. Buyer is a complete scammer and has done so through the same mailing address with various eBay accounts.

45 rysl672 USA Buyer misused returns 24***a5 12 Jun 2023, 23:39
Sell Item to this Buyer:
Figure toy

Buyer know the return international shipping is expensive than the item price. Backmail

46 drubin7a USA Nightmare Buyer 8d***9c 10 Jun 2023, 03:52
Sell Item to this Buyer:

Buyer reported a problem with their order. Incorrect item sent (similar, but not the same.. employees (people) do make mistakes from time to time. We ask the buyer to return the dice and the buyer was outraged to even suggest that we have them return the dice since it was our mistake, which we acknowledge. We'd offer to fix the issue or give them a full refund. It would even cost them anything to return the item and they said it was too much of an effort to repackage and take to the post office. What? Its just playing dice. You print out the label, you put it on the package and give it to the post office person who shows up to deliver the mail. You don't even have to leave your house. Don't like to use the term, but this guy is a male version of a "Karen".

47 myathanlikeleviathan USA Buyer Not Paid For Item 73***79 09 Jun 2023, 05:39
Sell Item to this Buyer:
Plush toy

Another buyer who accepted my offer and never paid. Had zero feedback since 2018 until I left mine right before the order was canceled.

48 chioyin Australia Ebay Case - not received item by Post b8***d6 08 Jun 2023, 01:03
Sell Item to this Buyer:
anime goods

Refund Scammer, Geek. Four months after purchasing, he complains that the item has not arrived.
From the moment he bought it, he behaved suspiciously. Typical crap.

49 ehncy USA Ebay Case - not received item by Post b8***d6 08 Jun 2023, 00:56
Sell Item to this Buyer:
stationary, handbag

Refund scammer. This old woman is amiable at first. However, as soon as she received an evaluation, suddenly changed. You shouldn't do business with her. This is a good example of a highly rated but unreliable eBayer.

50 dhency92 USA Buyer Not Paid For Item 73***79 03 Jun 2023, 19:07
Sell Item to this Buyer:
Pokemon figure

Buyer accepted my offer a couple days ago. At the time of writing this, the offer still has one more day but the buyer just messaged me saying that he is no longer purchasing the item and "thank you for your understanding" with no apology. Account was created on May 2023 so most likely a new buyer but I recommend blocking him if you sell a lot of Pokemon figures. I've decided to let eBay cancel automatically so he'll get a strike.

1 - 50  of  2,832 records  
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