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Share your bad eBay buyer list with other sellers. Ebay said so far in 2020, it had suspended 54,000 buyer accounts that were in breach of eBay policy, and had protected the seller performance ratings of over 60,000 sellers. 
You can use 'Export to text file' and add this bad buyers to 'Blocked Bidder List' on your Ebay account
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301 - 350  of  2,236 records  
No eBay Buyer ID Ebay Buyer Country Problem/Buyer Created Case Ebay Seller ID Create/Update Record Time
301 webstesanto0 USA Nightmare Buyer ac***a5 03 Nov 2019, 00:16
Sell Item to this Buyer:
Motorcycle Heads

Negotiates for lower price. Once offer is accepted sends 5 questions and refuses to pay.

302 sciutto1234 USA Nightmare Buyer e7***f3 02 Nov 2019, 09:30
Sell Item to this Buyer:

This person DOES NOT need to be on Ebay. Stupid as all stupid gets.

303 primeval786 USA Nightmare Buyer ac***a5 01 Nov 2019, 02:21
Sell Item to this Buyer:

Returning brand new item for BS reason. Hopefully its not damaged or used.

304 ncgypsy928 USA Buyer left bad Feedback ac***a5 01 Nov 2019, 01:44
Sell Item to this Buyer:
Light Bulb

Buys brand new factory sealed flashlight bulb. Opens, breaks it, wants to return it. Leaves negative feedback when not allowed to do that. Sold same item to other buys that had no issue.

305 savannstoval-0 USA Nightmare Buyer ac***a5 01 Nov 2019, 01:38
Sell Item to this Buyer:
Guitar Hero Guitar

Another little kid with an ebay account creating problems. I am no longer going to source video game items as this is the second time I have had a problem with children using things and sending them back.

306 sabur_6 USA Paypal Case - credit card chargeback 8d***9c 30 Oct 2019, 21:18
Sell Item to this Buyer:
5mm Dice

Buyer ordered dice, after two weeks since a messaging saying they didn't like the dice and want us to pay for the shipping. We told the buyer they can return the dice for any reason, but absent an error on our part, we would not pay for the shipping. Once we received the item we would then refund them the cost they paid (which includes the shipping we paid to ship it to them, so in the end, we are still out shipping, but sometimes that's the cost of doing business). The buyer did not respond.. after another two weeks we can a message from Paypal that the funds are on hold because the buyer is stating the item is not as describe. This is of course a total fabrication. The buyer has yet to explain what about the dice is "not as describe". The issue boils down to , they don't want to the dice, but don't want to pay to ship it back.

307 elizmol_28 United States Minor Outlying Islands Paypal Case - other reason 71***11 27 Oct 2019, 23:48
Sell Item to this Buyer:
Radio Shack U120010D10 AC Adapter 12v DC 100mA

This buyer purchased a RadioShack AC adapter. The terms of the sale were "No Returns". When she requested a return saying the adapter plug didn't fit I declined her request. Since I included the plug length and diameter as well as the polarity I did not see any reason to accept the return. Its up to the customer to read the description and know what they are buying. The customer then opened a 2nd Case with PayPal. This time claiming the item was not as described.

308 sneezy50 USA Buyer misused returns ac***a5 27 Oct 2019, 03:47
Sell Item to this Buyer:
Ceramic Lab Funnel

If you are sent a message complaining about damage before you have even shipped the item, the buyer is going to open a return for damage. You should cancel the order. Happens 100% of the time. I have never had someone send a complaint pre-shipment and not return the item. These people are looking to create problems and be part of some kind of drama. They are not shopping for items they want to use.

309 jusmillijusti USA Paypal Case - unauthorized access to account 44***0c 24 Oct 2019, 07:40
Sell Item to this Buyer:
Glasses frames

Order name brand ~$100 item "by mistake" and asked me to cancel _after_ I had already shipped item. Then waited until item was safely delivered and just opened a PayPal "unauthorized access" case to get money back. All this after having sent me a message clearly proving he had ordered the item.

310 vewat69 USA Buyer left bad Feedback ea***61 21 Oct 2019, 10:32
Sell Item to this Buyer:
Milk Makeup 3g TAN Flex Foundation

Buyer received correct item promptly then entered negative feedback demanding a refund. I contacted them and didn't receive a reply. I previously had only one negative feedback and have been working hard to ward off buyers like this, to no avail.

311 cmerritt1984 USA Buyer Not Paid For Item ac***a5 21 Oct 2019, 02:24
Sell Item to this Buyer:
Diag Scanner

$300 offer that was total bs. Full grown adult behaving like a child.

312 amadan-63 United Kingdom Ebay Case - other reason 5e***18 19 Oct 2019, 20:07
Sell Item to this Buyer:
Video Game - Xbox One Lego Villains

1. Buyer requested to cancel order several hours after her order was dispatched (marked as such inside eBay, and with a postal receipt to prove it). 2. Buyer became abusive sending several aggressive messages full of accusations and name-calling when I said I couldn't get the item back and cancel her order. 3. Was offered the option to return the item (despite being a 'no returns' listing) at her own cost (only around £1) as it was a 'remorse return'. She did not like this, and proceeded to open an 'item defective' case (when the item wasn't defective - it was a genuinely 'like new' item). 4. Was given a return label the day she opened the case. No sign of the item after a week. Provided with a 2nd return label (because the first expired), game did not appear again after another week. I asked when she may be returning it - she became abusive and said she'd leave it till the last minute 'because that's her right'. 5. 2 days after marking the return as 'dispatched' she started harassing me with more abusive messages saying I had the game and 'where's my money'? I didn't have it yet, and told her so. However I clearly said I would gladly refund her when it arrived... but so far it hasn't. 6. Admitted she didn't use my return label and paid for it herself, but provided no tracking information and the item has still not appeared. She then called up eBay and managed to get the case closed in her favour despite there being no tracking / proof of delivery. So... tried to cancel an order far too late, became angry as if it was my fault she'd ordered the wrong thing and I'd dispatched 'too quickly', opened a fraudulent 'defective' case to avoid return postage, dragged out returning the item for weeks, didn't use my label so I can't track down the item or claim compensation for it as 'lost' if it doesn't ever show up, and got eBay to refund her even though the game hasn't been returned... which is frustrating as I did everything right throughout the whole process. Absolutely disgraceful buyer that I would avoid dealing with at all costs.

313 patty.esanu USA Nightmare Buyer ac***a5 18 Oct 2019, 02:24
Sell Item to this Buyer:
Toilet Paper Dispenser

Buys large commercial toilet tissue dispensers. Certainly not a padded flat rate. Ask to trade the toilet tissue dispensers for toilet paper. As if I am a bathroom supply house. This person is NUTS. Of course opens return for the dispensers.

314 kip1965 USA Buyer misused returns ac***a5 18 Oct 2019, 02:20
Sell Item to this Buyer:
Gas Fireplace

False INAD

315 cabr.tony USA Nightmare Buyer 8a***24 14 Oct 2019, 20:49
Sell Item to this Buyer:
Hershey's Cookbook

Sent me messages with personal insults as a negotiating tactic.

316 katbaloo2 USA Buyer misused returns ac***a5 11 Oct 2019, 13:40
Sell Item to this Buyer:
Apple Keyboard

Tries to get item for free or further discount after delivery. Doesn't open a return, because they want to keep the item, they just want a discount or refund.

317 ma-115532 United Kingdom Buyer misused returns ac***a5 10 Oct 2019, 00:49
Sell Item to this Buyer:
Power Adapter

User has 0 feedback, not 1. False INAD. Possibly created account just to cause me a problem.

318 sammyrevo09 USA Nightmare Buyer ab***a1 05 Oct 2019, 20:40
Sell Item to this Buyer:

Known feedback extortionist, attempted feedback extortion. Verified by eBay, as eBay removed their negative feedback after eBay rep read the messages that were sent to me.

319 cheifa-45 USA Nightmare Buyer 83***93 05 Oct 2019, 00:09
Sell Item to this Buyer:

I sold him a pair of Pre-owned Air Jordan's that were stated as used both in pictures and description. After getting the shoes I get a message that he wants a brand new pair. He opened a case and lost.

320 cusinecoralie USA Paypal Case - credit card chargeback 4a***05 03 Oct 2019, 17:56
Sell Item to this Buyer:
Speedometer Cable for Vespa GT200, GT200L, Granturismo

customer bought and installed item. Later tried to return item after customer damaged it, claiming it was incorrect.

321 c_carca_1y7akailt USA Buyer left bad Feedback ce***bc 03 Oct 2019, 15:46
Sell Item to this Buyer:
Internet service

They said they got a net10 sim instead of a att sim card when the auction states that you will get a net10, h20, straight talk, att, etc sim card because the are all compatible. And left me bad feedback. Out of 17 feedbacks left they left 15 negatives. for other people.

322 selfcontainedunderwaterba USA Buyer misused returns ac***a5 03 Oct 2019, 01:59
Sell Item to this Buyer:
Boat Fuel Talk

Wasting over $100 in shipping charges for a "cracked cap"

323 jmcm5817 USA Nightmare Buyer b3***69 01 Oct 2019, 02:11
Sell Item to this Buyer:
Plantronics RIG 500 PRO Head Set

Buyer made a false claim that the item was delivered damaged.
Item was inspected thoroughly and confirmed that it was in the perfect condition.
Shipped with bubble wrapped multiple layers in padded materials packing to prevent possible damages.
Threaten to open a case if replacement not being shipped.
Stay away and block this buyer at all cause.

324 jdevillain USA Nightmare Buyer 1e***36 30 Sep 2019, 21:07
Sell Item to this Buyer:

Took the buyer 10 days to pay after accepting Best Offer. During that time the buyer continually promised to pay by the end of this day or that day, but didn't pay until I opened an unpaid item case. Two days after delivery (and positive feedback from me) I get an email saying I somehow shipped the item to his old address and the buyer swears he had changed it. I would avoid this buyer, just a bunch of stupid here.

325 v.walt39 United Kingdom Nightmare Buyer 36***a5 25 Sep 2019, 20:44
Sell Item to this Buyer:

Buyer left negative feedback claiming item had not been received 5 weeks after purchase. Did not send any messages or open an Item Not Received case. I messaged the buyer to let her know that I was not pleased she had made no attempt to contact me. I got an angry response, she clearly doesn't think she did anything wrong. I told her she would be added to my block list and received the following reply. "Next time .. check yourself,
Because of your rudeness , I've many people here
That orders everyday, your forgetting you can block me
What Of the others
Your very sensitive to Negativity
You started this you better think again , and again." The message contained lots of laughing emojis but not been able to copy them in here. Very childish from a grown woman! And a follow up message sent from her. "Your obviously menopausal...Last thing .. I'm so glad happy you have taken time out of your sad life to look up my comments .. sad , sour , being .. and your obviously not a looker I bet....That's why your in the make up section. Brodiesuck. Makes sense right ... " This woman seems unhinged and lacking perspective in her life. Sellers should avoid this buyer, she's a nasty witch, who should be removed from ebay. She threatens to get acquaintances to order goods just as a means of leaving negative feedback. Buyer info:
Valerie Waters
SE13 5BJ

326 anthony101075 United Kingdom Ebay Case - not received item by Post ef***fc 21 Sep 2019, 12:55
Sell Item to this Buyer:
Google Home

Opened item not received case but item tracking shows signature on delivery.

327 fran-714 USA Buyer left bad Feedback ac***a5 19 Sep 2019, 03:17
Sell Item to this Buyer:

Buyer left negative feedback blaming me for ebay issue.

328 ralpho23 USA Nightmare Buyer 1e***36 18 Sep 2019, 00:27
Sell Item to this Buyer:

Bought two bags of chocolates from me which included a free gift and a thank you, as I do with all my orders. After getting order I received a nasty email saying I was a cheat and had changed my listing, stating that he should've received 16 bags instead of two. Said he would give me a chance to send the rest before ruining my 100% feedback. Also complained that he got a free gift? I explained that eBay keeps track of listing changes and he could see himself that I had never changed this listing. Asked if he had mixed up my listing with another possibly? That was the end of it, no apology, nothing. Seller Beware!

329 alop5100 USA Nightmare Buyer ab***a1 14 Sep 2019, 00:16
Sell Item to this Buyer:
Gaming Headset

Created an item not received case, even though tracking shows that the item was delivered. eBay found in my favor. This buyer also has the same address as another buyer that attempted to feedback extort me. That buyer is lawnmun. This buyer goes by: alop5100
lawnmun Seller beware

330 mcsovka USA Nightmare Buyer ab***a1 13 Sep 2019, 22:31
Sell Item to this Buyer:
Gaming Headset

Buyer attempted feedback extortion. Left negative feedback, eBay rep agreed and removed it.

331 bajaron USA Nightmare Buyer ab***a1 13 Sep 2019, 22:29
Sell Item to this Buyer:
Gaming Headset

Buyer attempted feedback extortion for a partial refund. eBay reps agreed and removed the negative feedback that they left.

332 pizzapizza111 USA Nightmare Buyer ab***a1 13 Sep 2019, 22:25
Sell Item to this Buyer:
Gaming Headset

Buyer attempted feedback extortion for a partial refund. eBay reps agreed and removed the negative feedback that they left.

333 lawnmun USA Nightmare Buyer ab***a1 13 Sep 2019, 22:22
Sell Item to this Buyer:
Wireless TV Headphones

Buyer attempted feedback extortion for a free item. eBay reps agreed and removed the negative feedback that he left.

334 danvar2145 USA Buyer Not Paid For Item bc***90 13 Sep 2019, 16:33
Sell Item to this Buyer:

Annoying Buyer! This buyer made a bid and we decided to contact him asking to confirm their bid. No response from the buyer. We removed their bid.
2 minutes left till the auction ending and he bids again. No payment. We asked him whether he needs this item or not. He responded YES. No payment again. We opened unpaid item case and blocked this terrible buyer! Not recommended!

335 nicmalesk_0 USA Buyer left bad Feedback 4a***05 12 Sep 2019, 23:22
Sell Item to this Buyer:
motorcycle part

Buyer wrote on item, then returned it, and left bad feedback.

336 yulissamaria-0 USA Ebay Case - not received item by Post 4a***05 12 Sep 2019, 23:13
Sell Item to this Buyer:
motorcycle part

tracking shows item received. Half an hour later, wants another one, says item not received.

337 losthillsguy2 USA Nightmare Buyer 4a***05 12 Sep 2019, 23:11
Sell Item to this Buyer:
motorcycle part

Liar, abused returns, returned item damaged.

338 lemontonic33 France Ebay Case - not received item by Post d5***28 10 Sep 2019, 21:11
Sell Item to this Buyer:
rotring mechanical pencil

Fraudulent! Fraudulent! Fraudulent! Open case on Paypal few days after the purchase! Leave negative feedback if not refunded in moment!

339 riderskick USA Buyer misused returns dd***17 10 Sep 2019, 07:09
Sell Item to this Buyer:
amc 1/18 HONDA CIVIC TYPE-R EP3 MUGEN VERSION resin model car CIVIC UK white

bought several model cars from me, only guy ever to claim that all bad broken parts. Wanted to return all that he bought

340 destiny1244 USA Paypal Case - unauthorized access to account a4***91 10 Sep 2019, 06:08
Sell Item to this Buyer:
Adidas Originals Superstar Shoes Men's White/Black/Gold Sneakers SIZE 5.5 A0

Buyer destiny1244 got a pair of used Adidas from me. Messaged me on Ebay admitting delivery and that they were not going to return the shoes. Then a month later buyer opens a paypal case sayaing "unauthorized transaction". I messaged the buyer on ebay to remind them that they had messaged me admitting delivery. They messaged back saying that the paypal case was what I get for ruining their birthday. I highly recommend blocking. This one is an obvious liar and cheat. Paypal case took 2 months to close.

341 jeanki_52 USA Buyer left bad Feedback a4***91 10 Sep 2019, 05:47
Sell Item to this Buyer:

jeanki_52 Bought a doll outfit from me. I had a model doll wearing the outfit with her head cropped off in ALL the listing pics. I was 100% clear this was outfit only and had it in the accessories and clothing category for dolls. The buyer sent me a message after I shipped asking if I was sending the doll too. I let her know that it was only the dress that I mailed per the listing and the category. She let me know she would be returning - I do not accept returns, but said nothing hoping she would just realize her mistake and keep her item. Buyer opened a case under the dishonest reason "seller sent wrong item". This is a lie because she admitted her mistake via message. She is now asking for a free doll or a courtesy return. Update - She just threatened me with feedback in an attempt to extort a free doll out of me. LOL Nice try.

342 vincjame-93 USA Buyer misused returns a4***91 10 Sep 2019, 05:43
Sell Item to this Buyer:

Buyer opens paypal case when they aren't granted ebay return. Tries to circumvent ebay's decision with dishonest return reason on paypal.
vincjame-93 opened a case through ebay under the reason "item doesn't fit". This was for an air bed pump I sold to them. The buyer purchased the wrong pump by mistake. They did not want the built in pump but rather the external pump. AeroBed makes many different type of air bed pumps. The one I sold to them was clearly marked "built in pump" in the listing title and in the description. The ebay case was closed in my favor so the buyer decided to try to circumvent ebay's decision and go directly to paypal claiming "item not as described". This item is 100% as described and should not be able to be returned "not as described". The buyer is clearly lying from the screen shots I will provide from the ebay case/paypal case. He admitted that the item works but does not fit his mattress - a clear buyer mistake.

343 beyersandsellers USA Ebay Case - other reason a4***91 10 Sep 2019, 05:39
Sell Item to this Buyer:
Chatty Cathy 20" Girl Doll by Mattel Vintage 1960s pull string SOFT FACE RO

Buyer bought a pull string chatty cathy doll, retuned for bogus reasons, but broke pull string and returned without disclosing she damaged doll.
Buyer returned doll because it had a hole in it's head. The head had a factory made hole for any drainage of the doll. Buyer claimed the doll had discolored limbs. This is typical of these 50 year old dolls. Buyer only admitted breaking doll after I got the doll back and threatened filing IC3 on her.

344 anihakuten USA Nightmare Buyer ac***a5 09 Sep 2019, 23:56
Sell Item to this Buyer:
Cell Phone

Buys factory sealed item.
Attempts to cancel item after its been shipped.
Receives item.
Opens item, breaking factory seal.
Opens return for missing parts.

345 tcr38122 USA Buyer misused returns f6***f1 08 Sep 2019, 13:34
Sell Item to this Buyer:
car part

Listed item with photo with multiple measurements. Asked to contact for any questions. Buyer did not contact me, bought it, then returned as "does not fit". Did not pay for shipping, eBay charged me for a full refund and for returned shipping.

346 fruktovich USA Nightmare Buyer 1e***36 06 Sep 2019, 15:31
Sell Item to this Buyer:

Buyer bought item and complained part was missing (quick release plate). Missing part was mentioned twice in the listing (in the very first line and last lines) and it was stated any buyer would need to buy plate separately. Buyer tried to black mail me into giving a discount and accused me of inaccurate listing. Buyer filed a return and lied saying product was defective. Fortunately, eBay sided with me and said seller was abusing return system.

347 khaalba_94 USA Buyer Not Paid For Item ab***dd 06 Sep 2019, 05:54
Sell Item to this Buyer:
Cannon Spike (Sega Dreamcast, 2000, NTSC) Good CIB

Buyer won the auction then messaged to tell me, "Hi sorry but I already brought one" meaning they bought the item elsewhere and wanted me to cancel the order. I submitted an Unpaid Item Case and did not ship the item to them.

348 jakeandgert USA Buyer misused returns 88***aa 04 Sep 2019, 00:45
Sell Item to this Buyer:
Orbit 62056 One Outlet Single-Digital Hose Faucet Timer

SCAMMER. CLaim item did not work properly even that was sent sealed as manufacturer designed. After, I approved the return, he sent a completely different item. DO NOT SELL ITEMS TO THIS PERSON

349 attjeff USA Buyer misused returns ce***41 03 Sep 2019, 13:47
Sell Item to this Buyer:
Lionel Trains

Purchased, sent a different, used item back. read all the negs and neuts he has left for other users. A true scammer

350 thonnguye_8 United States Minor Outlying Islands Buyer misused returns 04***1e 31 Aug 2019, 23:42
Sell Item to this Buyer:
Digital Product

opened case without contacting and not replying after 15 days of purchase

301 - 350  of  2,236 records  
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