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Share your bad eBay buyer list with other sellers. Ebay said so far in 2020, it had suspended 54,000 buyer accounts that were in breach of eBay policy, and had protected the seller performance ratings of over 60,000 sellers. 
You can use 'Export to text file' and add this bad buyers to 'Blocked Bidder List' on your Ebay account
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401 - 450  of  2,232 records  
No eBay Buyer ID Ebay Buyer Country Problem/Buyer Created Case Ebay Seller ID Create/Update Record Time
401 ninja.cwb USA Nightmare Buyer ac***a5 01 Jul 2019, 14:03
Sell Item to this Buyer:
Apple Dongle

Commits to buy item and then holds payment until stupid questions are answered. Saying its not what they need and they are not going to pay for it basically. I let the unpaid item assistant open an unpaid item case. They then pay for the item and proceed to flood my inbox with more than 100 messages. I called three time and at no time did they have any way to make him stop. Ebay told me to refund him. So at the end of the day flooding messages is an ebay approved tactic to get your order cancelled. They gave him his way and let him continue to abuse sellers. They did remove the negative feedback he left.

402 sagefreeman120 USA Buyer left bad Feedback 1f***ce 01 Jul 2019, 01:02
Sell Item to this Buyer:
Ergotron Monitor Mount Arm

FEEDBACK EXTORTION - Buyer Wanted 80% Refund In Exchange for Positive Feedback. I required item returned to me and after i received the item back i refunded all the money. He left Negative Feedback complete refund! Made false claims about the item. When i proved through the manufacturer tech support that his claims were incorrect and the item was 100% as described new open box, he changed claim to "Ergotron monitor arm has inferior design". I proved his claims were false 2 times by sending the manufacturer tech support responses. He ignored me completely.

403 mike*) USA Ebay Case - other reason f6***f1 30 Jun 2019, 16:07
Sell Item to this Buyer:
Hoyer sling

Not paid, then created a case Changed his mind for no reason. Leaves multiple negative feedbacks.

404 rough-dimensions United Kingdom Buyer left bad Feedback 59***a7 28 Jun 2019, 18:45
Sell Item to this Buyer:
XFX Graphics Card

Buyer left bad feedback saying that I didn't give an explanation for cancelling the order, to which I sent him shortly after cancelling. Spoken to eBay and they agree that the buyer's feedback was unjustified and have had it removed.

405 yefimch07 USA Buyer misused returns f6***f1 28 Jun 2019, 03:14
Sell Item to this Buyer:
speaker amplifier

Buyer lied that item is not new - it is brand new. To open a case the buyer lied that item did not work and returned it only because a box the item was in was not perfect and was slightly creased. The returned item worked perfectly. The buyer tends to leave multiple negative feedbacks.

406 kai0807 USA Nightmare Buyer ac***a5 27 Jun 2019, 03:08
Sell Item to this Buyer:
Inductive Food Well

Buys and pays for $400 item then ask to cancel it after I let them know a signature will be required.

407 ramon1984.2013 USA Buyer misused returns c8***b0 26 Jun 2019, 07:31
Sell Item to this Buyer:
Truck GPS part

Trying to return damaged part instead of shipped new

408 joannenoiseux USA Buyer misused returns ac***a5 25 Jun 2019, 20:54
Sell Item to this Buyer:
Bedding Set

Buys a NEW bedding set. Opens a return for "doesn't fit", I guess I should be thankful it wasn't INAD. Every try to get a bedding set back into the package the same way it came out? Ever buy a "new" bedding set that has been removed and stuffed back in the package? No. I got to pay $20 in shipping charges to have the value of my item removed. Why do people think this is OK? Dishonesty like this IS stealing, has no one ever told them that? Are they so self absorbed that they think they are owed the value and efforts of others to suit their whims and feelings. I am grateful I was taught better than that because I am sure it doesn't make for a very good life.

409 rlloyds2012 United Kingdom Buyer misused returns 05***7f 23 Jun 2019, 10:25
Sell Item to this Buyer:
Beats Headphones

Nothing wrong with item once received returned. Damage had been caused to one ear piece by the buyer. Opened a case stating the item did not power on, but later in message exchange said it did power on... Case opened was full of false information and contradiction. They "weren't interested in the item" so needed to return it. Not how eBay should work for sellers.

410 betsybunky USA Buyer misused returns ac***a5 21 Jun 2019, 17:16
Sell Item to this Buyer:
Teflon Fuel Gas Hoses

Tried to cancel order. Cancellation request denied. They open a return claiming damage which is either a lie or they damaged the items so they can return it.

411 ncppp1 USA Nightmare Buyer ac***a5 21 Jun 2019, 02:29
Sell Item to this Buyer:
Lab Glass

Buys $75 worth of lab glass. Pays for it. Then immediatley ask to cancel the order. Lame excuse. They want new ones and not used ones and couldn't be bothered to read the listing beforehand. I am not cancelling the order but I am not sure thats wise.

412 bbraz23 USA Nightmare Buyer 36***a0 20 Jun 2019, 15:54
Sell Item to this Buyer:
Home & Garden

Really bad behavior and harassing e-mails, misused returns.

413 suen_ng_hung USA Buyer Not Paid For Item 87***95 15 Jun 2019, 13:40
Sell Item to this Buyer:
Mezco One:12 Collective Batman Day Ascending Knight Black Variant Exclusive LE

Buyer asked questions about item, accepted a best offer, arranged for payment, and then decided that they didn't want to purchase the item. Unpaid item case was opened and closed after buyer chose not to pay or respond to ebay.

414 orlrob-8 USA Buyer Not Paid For Item 29***d1 14 Jun 2019, 18:53
Sell Item to this Buyer:
Hayabusa 240 kit

This guy/gal bids in the last hour. I wait a day and send him a friendly reminder that he hasn't paid yet so I can not ship yet. 2 days go by, open case with Ebay. As you may or may not know you must then wait four days to close the case so that you can relist. On the fourth day he/she finally responds with, I quote, "Sorry I couldn't grab them sum came up"

415 phoenix290980 Australia Buyer left bad Feedback b1***59 13 Jun 2019, 10:09
Sell Item to this Buyer:
Car Parts

Buyer complained I had opened packaging, which I had to properly pack the items for freight (added bubble wrap). Refused to reconsider negative feedback despite getting the items at significant discount and having them arrive quickly in perfect condition.

416 dmi_mik_ksvabguyl USA Paypal Case - credit card chargeback ac***a5 11 Jun 2019, 01:07
Sell Item to this Buyer:
Towel Dispenser

Identity Theft Account

417 brr2222 USA Buyer misused returns 1e***7c 08 Jun 2019, 02:26
Sell Item to this Buyer:
Lucite Lemon Yellow / Navy Blue Thick Heavy Square Bangle Bracelet

Buyer received the bracelet and said the color is black so is returning at my expense. Color of stripe is actually navy blue as described but I the seller have to eat the shipping both ways because basically she just didn't like the bracelet. Buyer remorse at my expense.

418 ciaralloisa123 USA Buyer misused returns 1e***7c 08 Jun 2019, 02:22
Sell Item to this Buyer:
10K Solid White Gold Lt Blue Stone Diamond Sz 7.5 Ring

Buyer isa ciarallo offered $55 for the ring which I turned down. 3 days later she purchased the ring for my asking price and the day she received opened a return request. Guess it was her way of paying me back for not taking her offer. Another one on the blocked bidder list.

419 bodhi*leaf USA Buyer misused returns 1e***7c 08 Jun 2019, 01:42
Sell Item to this Buyer:
Navajo Old Pawn Sterling Silver Turquoise Tribal Markings Cuff Bracelet

Buyer Cindy Hilderbrand stated bracelet was 5 3/4" around with no space or gap at the back. Bracelet was as described with a 1" space and is adjustable. She didn't like it so claimed not as described so I would have to pay return shipping. Took her over 1 month to return it at my expense. Just another buyer that will use the return policy as a trial to see if they like the item or not.

420 dwr1500 USA Buyer misused returns ac***a5 07 Jun 2019, 00:31
Sell Item to this Buyer:
Cylinder Head

Returning cylinder head because he didn't get the camshafts. Camshafts not shown, not described, or offered in any way in the listing. Furthermore I noticed he like to leave negative FB.

421 doncvian-0 USA Nightmare Buyer ac***a5 03 Jun 2019, 18:03
Sell Item to this Buyer:

Feedback Extortionist. Finds minor fault with used clothing. They are told they can return it for a refund. They say they are unable to return it and if half of the money is refunded they won't leave negative feedback.

422 art38man USA Buyer misused returns ac***a5 31 May 2019, 07:19
Sell Item to this Buyer:
CD Player

Returned $47 CD player with $30 shipping because he did not receive accessories not shown, or offered in the listing.

423 stockfever USA Ebay Case - not received item by Post ac***a5 31 May 2019, 07:17
Sell Item to this Buyer:
Motorcycle Exhaust

User has 0 FB not 1, this just won't let me put 0. Tried to steal $100 item with bogus INR case.

424 plastic561 USA Buyer left bad Feedback b2***50 29 May 2019, 18:35
Sell Item to this Buyer:
Hard Drive

Buyer admitted to not reading the item description and got mad. I offered a refund, but the buyer decided to leave a negative feedback anyways. eBay removed the feedback due the buyer being 100% full retard.

425 oscar968 USA Ebay Case - not received item by Post 5e***6b 26 May 2019, 17:22
Sell Item to this Buyer:
1 New Cisco AIR-PWR-B 48V - 380mA Power Supply AA25480L for WiFi Access Points

From initial contact, this buyer has been very demanding and rude. I should have been wary when they emphasized that my new item had to be "perfect" on arrival. Additionally, I'm not sure if English is their first language, but I felt that most of my communications were flat out ignored. For example, they insisted that I ship within a certain amount of time. I offered a different shipping method not listed in my auction. I received no response, and then later they purchased unexpectedly. I then again asked if they were certain of their purchase decision as they had not only paid for my listed shipping method instead of the requested and quoted expedited shipping, but also failed to purchase the total quantity of 6 they asked for at the beginning until I inquired about it. When asked about expedited shipping, all I got back was "...I paid for shipping." No details at all, not even some type of confirmation that they were fine with my listed shipping method. Another example of this negative behavior was when USPS ran into some delays delivering the package during this busy holiday shipping season. I explained to this person at the start that I send these items out the moment my label is printed and after that, it's up to the courier. Again, no coherent, related response from the buyer, just an essential tone of, "it doesn't matter if it's outside of your control, I'm going to give you problems either way." That they did. Even going as far as opening a case while the item was still in transit with active tracking info and communication by me. I warned eBay of their less than appealing behavior and the case was closed in my favor. I honestly feel that this person is out to ruin my reputation by being vindictive because they planned their purchase out poorly and an issue outside of my control occurred.

426 rwl6807 USA Buyer left bad Feedback 5e***6b 26 May 2019, 17:00
Sell Item to this Buyer:
AOC E2425SWD 23.6" Full HD 1920x1080 Monitor, 5ms Response Time, 20M:1

This buyer sent a photo of a brand new LCD monitor he bought from me installed inside of a custom arcade box. In his initial complaint, which was riddled with grammatical errors by the way, he wrote "i got monitor doesn't work well. I attached photos for you to see. I f there is something I can do let me know." In this "photos" (as there was actually only ever one) you can clearly see that something was dropped on the LCD panel, where it cracked the screen. Instead of stating as much, I kindly suggested that he contact the courier because I wasn't taking back something he obviously broke. In his reply he said, and I quote "Box is not damaged. The box was opened, monitor plugged in, horrible picture, now your telling tough luck." That is not what happened. Notice he overlooked the fact that the first and only photo he sent was of it already being installed. Who buys equipment like this, does all the work of installing it in it's designated location, and then lastly tests/plugs it in? If he did what he said he did, he wouldn't have waited as long as what he had to say something about it. The guy is obviously lying his way into getting a new screen since he broke this one. Knowing I knew what he was doing, he left me negative feedback a week or so after.

427 martin_cargo USA Buyer misused returns ac***a5 25 May 2019, 12:22
Sell Item to this Buyer:
Water Bottles

Bought and paid for 84 water bottles. Was sent 7 cases, each containing 12 bottles. Opens a claim saying 10 are missing. This guy is reselling the water bottles so he is making a false claim to get them cheaper.

428 kimianne1009 USA Buyer left bad Feedback b3***69 24 May 2019, 06:14
Sell Item to this Buyer:
OPI Nail Polish

Sold brand new Genuine OPI polish, the buyer left negative feedback without making contact first.
Be aware!!! This buyer is malicious to sellers by intentionally leaving bad feedback as almost half of the feedbacks left were negative.

429 michelern71 USA Nightmare Buyer 5c***7c 24 May 2019, 04:39
Sell Item to this Buyer:
Trading card

Won auction under market price, did not pay. Gave no communication during unpaid item case until final day where buyer sent an echeck. The echeck then bounced. Buyer gave no communication during process.

430 noreenc71 Ireland Nightmare Buyer 91***53 22 May 2019, 20:22
Sell Item to this Buyer:
Activity tracker

Says "item as described " and leaves negative feedback.
Hard to satisfy , as expects more than items description offers.
Expects battery to last at least 10 days based on personal google "research".
Manufacturer says 2 days tops!

431 stephendea United States Minor Outlying Islands Paypal Case - unauthorized access to account d7***81 21 May 2019, 16:05
Sell Item to this Buyer:
Digital Game Key

Customer used the key then promptly opened Paypal case. Ebay will not allow negative feedback. Seller Beware

432 adogsavr USA Buyer misused returns ac***a5 21 May 2019, 00:46
Sell Item to this Buyer:
Pet Supplies

Doesn't like the best by date on the item they paid 1/6th of retail price for. Doesn't have an expiration date, lied claiming it did in order to return the item.

433 kh433 USA Buyer left bad Feedback ac***a5 20 May 2019, 22:38
Sell Item to this Buyer:
NEW Bike Carrier

Brand New Factory Sealed Item Was Shipped. For some reason they think I made the thing or that I sell thousands of them. This is just another entitled child. I would almost bet this person is < 25yrs old. Oblivious the platform, what they were buing, or where they were buying it from. Probably has awful parents.

434 pelo_7700 USA Buyer Not Paid For Item 1e***8b 20 May 2019, 20:43
Sell Item to this Buyer:
Cell Phone

Buyer won auction, never paid, never responded to email. Update 1: Google Maps of buyer's address shows a dilapidated structure with no roof and trash laying about. Probably some junkie and/or scammer using a fake address. Update 2: same buyer started bidding on my relisted item as somehow the blacklist didn't take! AVOID.

435 zava-scot USA Buyer left bad Feedback 6e***26 20 May 2019, 19:28
Sell Item to this Buyer:
Programming Service

Buyer send a physically defective item for software programming. Item was refunded and returned at my cost and buyer was informed about the situation. Still negative feedback left. Stay away from this one, rude and somewhat mentally challenged.

436 hm.007 United Kingdom Nightmare Buyer f6***f1 19 May 2019, 15:44
Sell Item to this Buyer:
car sticker

Buyer lied about long delivery time leaving negative feedback, then I asked to revise negative unfair prooved feedback and the buyer just changed it to " low quality " lying again. Most of the feedbacks of this buyer for sellers were negative. The buyer recently changed ID from hm.2977 to hm.007 and made the feedback "private" so no one will see this nightmare feedbacks. SELLERS, PROTECT YOUR FEEDBACKS : DO NOT SELL TO THIS BUYER.

437 marian-florin Ireland Nightmare Buyer 91***53 17 May 2019, 15:34
Sell Item to this Buyer:
Qi Wireles Charger

Expected delivery on a next day , despite shipping terms state that it will be made within 1-3 business days. Threatens to leave negative feedback , acting like entitled spoiled brat.

438 glenn_danzing Spain Buyer left bad Feedback eb***99 15 May 2019, 22:59
Sell Item to this Buyer:
Music CD

Buyer complains about condition and we agree and issue a partial refund. Posts negative feedback anyway. We ask him nicely to reconsider and then he threatens to report us if we contact him again.

439 manufacturing4you USA Buyer misused returns ac***a5 15 May 2019, 11:39
Sell Item to this Buyer:
Jeep Module

Returned item saying it took too long to get there. It GOT THERE less than 48 hours from when he ordered it. Its a vehicle computer module and I will venture a guess I get back his old broken one.

440 atomic19-62 USA Buyer Not Paid For Item 6a***0a 14 May 2019, 19:05
Sell Item to this Buyer:
Adam Scott Rote-"Drive in Daze (Marilyn Monroe)"

Buyer has asked for a deal and received a 40% discount off original listing price. However, Buyer has never paid for the item.

441 mscandyand USA Buyer Not Paid For Item 6a***0a 14 May 2019, 18:57
Sell Item to this Buyer:
Original Oil Painting by Tadeo Zavaleta

Buyer accepted counter offer but never paid for the item.
In his explanation, Buyer lied about the reasons preventing him from paying while insulting the Seller.

442 zim5878_nyeyvkknu USA Buyer Not Paid For Item 1e***8b 14 May 2019, 06:27
Sell Item to this Buyer:
Eau de cologne

Buyer won auction, but didn't pay, and didn't respond until 5 days later, making me miss out on a holiday selling opportunity. She made up a sob story and not being able to afford $40 items. Meanwhile, she was buying several other items during and afterwards.

443 juan6784 USA Other f6***f1 11 May 2019, 21:50
Sell Item to this Buyer:
El. Generator

Buyer bought expensive item which is supposed to be a Local pick up; buyer is 900 miles away, ignoring my emails. I had to cancel the purchase. Not a way to do business on eBay, especially for a new member.

444 bo-hamed USA Nightmare Buyer 6e***26 09 May 2019, 19:15
Sell Item to this Buyer:
Automotive Tools

Buyer does not read the descriptions. Buys but not pays "sorry I have bank problem". 2nd time bought a tool from me but does not know how to use it. Claims defective. Very poor communication. AVOID ! AVOID ! AVOID !

445 glolo_20 USA Nightmare Buyer ac***a5 07 May 2019, 20:45
Sell Item to this Buyer:

Likes to have items shipped to them so they can look at them and send them back, that or they just don't read the listings or look at more than one photo.

446 ibuildhomesnstuff USA Buyer misused returns ac***a5 07 May 2019, 00:05
Sell Item to this Buyer:
Waders, New

Committed to buy item then help payment ransom until stupid questions were answered. Then opened INAD upon receiving. This person was shopping to create a problem, not to buy an item. They are board and playing games since the games are free. eBay removed the defect but they stole the cost of shipping. I am sure if ebay removed my defect it was duly noted on their account and Ill venture a guess they won't be able to do the same thing again, and I am sure they will try. I wish I could see the look on their face when they get the suspension email that they will eventually get. They are bad people, they will never stop being bad people, and they cant do too many bad things before they get suspended.

447 adoptporcupine USA Buyer left bad Feedback 1e***8b 06 May 2019, 00:43
Sell Item to this Buyer:
Motorola Cell Phone for Republic Wireless

Buyer left bad feedback on my account saying they received a lesser item. Mind you, they were correct! I had made a mistake entering the model number of the phone. However. They didn't communicate with me at all, and neither did eBay. I found out about the blemish on my record only by accident. I happily would have gifted the silly $50 phone to them, but they had to be vindictive.

448 pbabb-lv5wlu4sxj USA Buyer misused returns ac***a5 04 May 2019, 23:39
Sell Item to this Buyer:
Kitchen Appliance

They created this new account for the sole purpose of this transaction. They have zero feedback. Listing says one slice of four doesn't work and the knobs are gone. Its priced far less than one that 100% works. Listing tells this in two places. Photos are of the actual item they received. Missing knobs and all. Its an expensive commercial toaster so for a high volume operation its nice to have 3 additional slots for 1/10th the price of a new commercial toaster. They didn't read it, or were intending to use it and send it back the whole time. Looks like they were kicked off once already.

449 palepl-to7fovmmai USA Buyer misused returns 5a***5b 03 May 2019, 00:05
Sell Item to this Buyer:
stunt kite

Buyer purchased a stunt kite and after 2-weeks they contacted me through eBay messaging and stated item arrived damaged and then opened a return case. I informed the item had full carrier insurance and for them to file an insurance claim.
5-days later I received the returned kite that had been assembled, flown and damaged.

450 1969stage1 USA Nightmare Buyer ac***a5 02 May 2019, 01:58
Sell Item to this Buyer:
Power Strips

Buys one item and then sends all kinds of unintelligable questions about combine shipping with a horrible condescending and entitled attitude.

401 - 450  of  2,232 records  
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