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Ebay Buyers Blacklist

Ebay Buyer ID: aircactus   ( 217 )       Profile on Ebay »
Ebay Buyer Country: USA
Sell Item to this Buyer: Lenovo SL510 laptop
Problem/Buyer Created Case: Buyer left bad Feedback
Problem Summary: I sold an SL510 laptop to this guy. The laptop is 10 years old and obviously pretty well used. I had to install a new hard drive and additional memory in order to get it ready to sell. I disassembled the laptop, cleaned it, inspected it, then did a fresh install of Linux Mint 20.2 XFCE.

I have sold over 15 similar laptops in the past three months. Until this jerk, I had a perfect 100% positive feedback rating of 626. I actually have received personal emails from buyers of my laptops, thanking me for such a great computer, how well I packaged them, and the ease in which the new buyer can set up his own username, password, and then configure the desktop however he chooses. I use the Manufacturers and Resellers OEM option when I install LInux. When a buyer receives the computer and fires it up for the first time, he is directed to choose a username and password, then once booted into the OS, is given the instructions on how to personalize everything about the desktop, window manager, and OS.

So, this guy gets the 10 year old, used laptop, then sends me a personal email threatening me with negative feedback and opening a case against me if I don't offer him a refund because 2 or 3 of the keys "take more pressure to work" than other keys. His other complaint was that one of the latches that hold the battery in was broken. He stated that the "battery just falls out" because of this. Well, there are TWO latches on these batteries. Even if BOTH really were broken, the battery won't just fall out. I've used Lenovo laptops for YEARS and have had several with one or both latches broken. I have NEVER had a battery "fall out". I can only surmise he is either slinging the thing around or he isn't being truthful.

I attempted to get eBay to overturn his ridiculous negative feedback, but they returned a message to me that they had contacted the buyer and he refused to reverse his feedback. Well, no kidding. eBay pretty much sucks anymore. I now understand it is IMPOSSIBLE for a seller to leave negative feedback on a buyer. I made the mistake of posting negative comments about this guy in the feedback section on the seller's page. I have been told I am under review and could very well be either placed on some kind of probation, or I could have my account canceled.

As for the dip stick complaining about the keys taking "more pressure" to work, I suggested he simply pop the keys from the underlying structure and spray some WD40 on the areas in question. My God! You should have read the responses to that on the eBay Community. One guy said to NOT ever spray WD40 on a keyboard because "it's wet". No kidding. Then some gal said that WD40 melts plastic. Hey, I can't make this stuff up. Electricians and electronic specialists have been using WD40 for YEARS to clean gunk from electrical and electronic parts. Mechanics have also used it for years to displace moisture from distributor caps and other electronic parts.

I posted some screenshots taken directly from WD40's website. One of the uses for the product is to clean and displace moisture in electric tools. Even though it's "wet", WD40 instructs you to do it. Another of the listed uses is to unstick Lego blocks. I think those are plastic. LOL!

But as to the dipstick that bought the laptop, he gets to leave the negative feedback even though there isn't a THING wrong with that laptop. He only paid $59 for the thing and he expected a brand spanking new laptop. He's a whiner and a loser, in my book. I'd stay FAR away from the jerk.
Create/Update Record Time: 05 Jan 2022, 21:04

Ebay Seller ID (hidden): ec***48
May 05, 2022 at  09:04pm
Ebay Blacklist Record ID: 2593

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Ebay Blacklist Buyer - aircactus  -  Reviews and Comments
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Ebay Blacklist Buyer - aircactus  -  Reviews and Comments
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