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  • Name

      Dna Oy

  • Record ID: 80334
  • Owner: Dna Oy
  • Address: Dna Oy, Panu Rissanen, Pl 41, 01741 Vantaa, Finland
  • Country: Finland

      Dna Oy, Finland

      Information from  whois://

            % Information related to ' -'
        inetnum: -
        org: ORG-FNL1-RIPE
        netname: FI-SUOMEN2G-981019
        descr: DNA Oy
        country: FI
        admin-c: DNAR-RIPE
        tech-c: DNAR-RIPE
        status: ALLOCATED PA
        mnt-by: RIPE-NCC-HM-MNT
        mnt-lower: FI2G-MNT
        mnt-routes: FI2G-MNT
        mnt-domains: FI2G-MNT
        source: RIPE # Filtered
        organisation: ORG-FNL1-RIPE
        org-name: DNA Oy
        org-type: LIR
        address: DNA Oy
        address: Panu Rissanen
        address: PL 41
        address: 01741 Vantaa
        address: FINLAND
        phone: +358440440
        fax-no: +358290996292
        admin-c: IJ49-RIPE
        admin-c: JS3021-RIPE
        admin-c: JJS12-RIPE
        admin-c: KL1982-RIPE
        admin-c: OR89-RIPE
        admin-c: PR4745-RIPE
        admin-c: RH4287-RIPE
        admin-c: TV457-RIPE
        admin-c: TL3281-RIPE
        mnt-ref: FI2G-MNT
        mnt-ref: RIPE-NCC-HM-MNT
        mnt-by: RIPE-NCC-HM-MNT
        abuse-c: DNAR-RIPE
        source: RIPE # Filtered
        role: DNA Registry
        address: DNA Oy
        address: PL 41
        address: 01741 Vantaa
        address: Finland
        admin-c: PR4745-RIPE
        tech-c: PR4745-RIPE
        tech-c: JJS12-RIPE
        tech-c: OR89-RIPE
        tech-c: JS3021-RIPE
        tech-c: RH4287-RIPE
        tech-c: TL3281-RIPE
        tech-c: IJ49-RIPE
        nic-hdl: DNAR-RIPE
        mnt-by: FI2G-MNT
        source: RIPE # Filtered
            % Information related to ''
        descr: DNA Oy
        origin: AS16086
        mnt-by: FI2G-MNT
        source: RIPE # Filtered
      , ::

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      Dna Oy - Finland  -  Reviews and Comments
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