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22 August 2014                , ::
Current IP Range: -

IP Range Location: South Africa,    Western Cape,    Cape Town
IP Owner: Cape Town 8001
Owner Full IP Range:
Owner Address: 72 Canterbury Street, Cape Town, 8000, ZA
Owner Country: South Africa
Owner Phone: +27 021 461 0014
Owner Website:
All Owner IP Ranges: -
All Owner IP Reverse DNS (Host)s:
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Information from  whois://

      % Information related to ' -'
inetnum: -
netname: Cybersmart-ADSL
descr: Current : Poolname cysm001ipc3
descr: 102/128 /24 blocks allocated to BRASs/BNG
country: ZA
admin-c: SC3-AFRINIC
admin-c: LFI12-AFRINIC
tech-c: SC3-AFRINIC
tech-c: LFI12-AFRINIC
remarks: Telkom SA provides ADSL in South Africa. They manage the allocation of IP numbers to Interconnect clients and require us to provide sufficient IP numbers to cover the various exchanges
remarks: This IP block is assigned to the bulk of our ADSL clients. The IPs are allocated by Telkom to connecting ADSL clients. They assign blocks to /24s to the BRAS as required. As of 2012-06-01 the allocation is as follows:
remarks: Total blocks: 128
remarks: Allocated blocks: 103
remarks: Free blocks: 25
remarks: They plan on rolling out an additional 12 devices (new broadband routers (BRASs/BNGs) within the next few months and we need additional IP's to cover these across the IP ranges
source: AFRINIC # Filtered
parent: -
person: Laurie Fialkov
address: 72 Canterbury Street
address: Cape Town
address: 8000
address: ZA
phone: +27 021 461 0014
nic-hdl: LFI12-AFRINIC
source: AFRINIC # Filtered
person: Shaun Courtney
nic-hdl: SC3-AFRINIC
address: 72 Canterbury Street
address: Cape Town
address: 8000
address: ZA
address: Cape Town 8001
address: South Africa
phone: +27 021 286 0123
source: AFRINIC # Filtered

, ::
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